About us

Bottega Romana is a term that translates in English as Roman Shop. Three Romans havebeen working on their “shop” to share with you authentic Italian food.

After finding the best neighborhood and an excellent chef, we’ve made our dream into a reality. We share our love of Italy, our expertise of Roman and all Italian food and our pleasure of enjoying a meal with your family and your friends.

We expect the best and our quality and freshness is a must when tasting food from our home country. Valerio and Giulia, owners of Bottega Romana, are a Roman husband&wife. They both grew up in Rome and they have always worked in the restaurant business in Italy. They have dedicated the years from 2012 to 2014 to Bottega Romana's opening. It is the right stop to enjoy with our Italian Chef Pierpaolo Mattei. Our quality and freshness of Bottega Romana will be the right choice!